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MAKE IT HAPPEN.                                  IT'S THAT SIMPLE.




Creating by Collaborating

Creating to connect is important but even more is connecting to create. Our innovative approach of collaboration based work offers our clients access to a broader and more diverse range of input, strategy and excellence. It takes a interdiciplinary chime of experts to achieve the best results.   That's the heart of AddisonGreen.

We dig deep, pull through, reach out, bring it all together and make it happen.


Steppin'         Over all boundries.


Our close exchange and limitless relationships have proven to be vital in our successful projects.  In diffrent roles, focusing on the same goal: Make It Happen.

Here are some of the amazing brands, artists and personalities we had the pleasure of working with...

Emmauel Nwamadi.jpg

“Their work is a beacon of light in communities.”

— Jonathan McReynolds, Grammy nominated recording artist


What We Do

We offer full creative and consulting services. We are at the pulse of culture and are up to speed with innovations. We deliver significant and unique results.

Make It Happen, that's the motto.


“If it's on your mind, it's worth becoming reality.”

— Nana Addison, founder & CO-CEO


Nana Addison | Founder & CO-CEO


Kim Mensah |CO-CEO


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By matching Kims operational efficiency with my creative strategy and aesthetic conception we shake the world.

I align my strategic imagination skills with project goals. That's how I successfully lead brand creation, design and marketing engagements for a variety of clients.  I passionately seek depth and conflict in anything relating the human experience because I discovered that in essence people want to feel deeply and balance their inevitable conflicts.

Kimberly calls Nana "Miss Yes" - wanna know why?

Kim Smile.jpg

instagram: @kimberlymensah

I bring my 7 years of Public Relations and Project Management experience to match Nana’s stunning visual and creative powers.

My passion is truly rooted in bringing people and companies together. In a world where originality is rare and content spews out of every corner of the earth by the millisecond, I live for projects that connect what might seem like juxtaposing personalities or groups to create truly unique and magical work. Work that gives back and  provides a new perspective.

Nana likes to call Kimberly "Mrs. No" - wanna know why?

Join The Revolution



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We welcome every level of business. It’s all about our clients individual goal. You only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and achieve your desired results on your own terms. Make It Happen!

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